B safe 1st always... that is the message


Welcome to B safe 1st always

At the moment this website may end on March 11th 2019. IF you want me to continue on past the 10 years I have already run this website please read below and see if you can help.

First I just want to say a big thankyou to all of you who have come here since 2009. In the 10 years I have run and paid for the website domain and other things related to it all myself, it has been tough though on low income. I have worked on the issues within this website since the early 90's, years before I set up this website and the other things I did like radio shows etc. Thanks for listening and I am glad it has helped some people.

Now the renewal for this domain is up again on March 11th 2019 and I have decided to see if the website is still important to anyone else now in 2019 and beyond. So I am asking to see if anyone wants to make a donation for the domain renewal. For a donation of £30 I can renew the domain for a further two years and any more I could add more years and anything more than that, I can add and make more content like I used to in the early years.

Maybe its time for the website to end, we will see. If someone wants to donate to renew the domain thats great I shall continue with the site for years to come. But if no one donates, then maybe it is time for the site to end, which will be sad, BUT I know in the past it helped a lot of people and all things must come to an end.

My fight for justice for the vulnerable will never stop, it hasn't and won't. But the site must be useful to others for it to justify continuing for years to come. So if I receive a donation I will post that here and if not, then I will say thanks once again and say goodbye with the message as always

B safe 1st always... that IS the message

So to recap, if you want the site to continue for years to come then you can donate what you can by using the DONATE Pay Pal button below or this Pay Pal Me account I use here https://www.paypal.me/ABuskerUnheard : DONATE just so you know it is for me J Harrison using the A Busker Unheard Pay Pal Me account. The Pay Pal button below and at the top is linked to the Bsafe1stalways Pay Pal account, either one will reach me.


Hello, here's an important message first: IF you HAVE BEEN struggling, are RIGHT NOW or may in the FUTURE, or know someone like that, then PLEASE take a look at this page with information about HELPLINES and words from someone who HAS used one.

Please be in a safe place and safe state of mind when viewing this website. 

Be one more to say: "I SURVIVED" 


My last edit on this website was January 2019


All material on this site are under copyright conditions of the source: John Harrison. If you wish to use ANY material from this site, YOU MUST have MY permission. Thank You. But let me say: I am always happy for my work to be used elsewhere, as long as I am shown as the author.


There are organisations and numbers here for YOU

Please reach out to that someone TODAY.

But whatever happens, keep trying.

There are other numbers and other people.

It will take as long as it takes, to get the right help.



Please take a look to the the right,

or on the links page for details of some who are here.

 Hope, its just one word, and it may seem a small one

but its why many are still here.

Grasp it when ever you can. Cling to it. Do what you have to.

And when there seems like there is no hope... HANG ON IN THERE

so you're still with us, when it does return. 

An introduction to the site:

My names John Harrison and this site has been going for 10 9 years now (as of 2019). Originally failings in the system that I encountered led me to speak out, and have to speak publicly. The core content of the website is around child abuse / mental health. There has always been a combination of things, that I wanted the website to do. I wanted others to be aware of the rest of us with the same issues, to at least let them know that they are not alone in what they go through or have gone through. I wanted the website to expose some of the wrongdoings which it did.

There is no content on this site, nor has there ever been any, that is in any way inappropriate. BUT some people are more vulnerable than others and that's why there are links in the right sidebar on this website to show some organisations that may be able to help OR show, that for every issue, there may well be a helpline, charity or organisation out there for you. They don't always work for everybody, this I know. All links to them here, are not put there for the organisations or charities, they are ONLY put there by me, in the hope that they MAY help someone. IF they don't, please hang on in there.

IF you are someone who wants to learn more about the failings in the system I encountered, and about the campaigning I did, then click 'FAILED by the System' to start to find out more. IF not, have a general look around. Recent changes I have and will make, will help people more easily make a choice as to what they want to look at.

CHECK OUT 'Situation... Distress' one of many things that shouldn't have happened, as my situation was made worse while in severe mental distress.

B safe 1st always... that IS the message. 

 'Raising awareness of the consequences of child abuse in later life'



NONE of the letters on this website from GP's are from my current GP Practice. I have attended several since. My last GP practice was not involved in any of the things I wrote about on this website, ALL of which happened years BEFORE I went to that GP practice. But sadly it is true that things did not improve. And as of June 2015 I had to change and start at a new practice, and I hope things will improve.

I BELIEVE in the NHS. In May 2014, while having to undergo a procedure at Winchester Hospital I was frightened, and an NHS Nurse gently squeezed my hand. This is what the NHS and staff are all about, care and compassion. Also in June 2015 at both Winchester Hospital Cardiology Department and days later a nurse from Basingstoke Hospital Cardiac Unit  I was shown care and compassion. Despite my bad experiences I do not forget that. THEY are the NHS we want to save.  

You will never meet someone who believes in the NHS more. BUT, that is why, when things are not right, we need to speak up and out. It is the bad people I have fought against, some good were caught in between them for sure. One day I hope that along with the good people in the NHS, we can stand TOGETHER and rid the NHS / GP's of anyone mistreating any vulnerable people. It is not me or people like me, who undermine it, it is the bad people.

A helpful index and guide to this website for newcomers:

 Here's a little guide to what to expect on each page of this website: 

'TALK' this is a brief introduction on what options may be there for you when you want to know: WHO & HOW can I TALK & TELL someone abuse my abuse?

'HELPLINES' I know it explains itself, but its a very important page to mention. This page shows why helplines are so needed. PLEASE share them online, you never know who may see it, and need it. 

'Books' a selection of just a few books on child abuse mainly by survivors themselves. 

'Child Abuse Monument' the monument is in Canada, it gives more info about it. 

'Raising Awareness' talks and shows some videos about raising awareness of child abuse and its consequences in later life.

'FAILED by the system' this page links to several very detailed pages on the failings in the system I endured, including within and by healthcare professionals. It also links to several detailed pages on the campaign and raising awareness that I then did, about these failings. I started Writing to MP's, PM, the Queen and more. I have recently separated all these relating pages, so they can be accessed by this one page. It helps to keep it away from you, IF you're in a vulnerable place, and you can avoid all this if you need to. All the pages this one links to, are VERY IMPORTANT to me. And where a very big part of me speaking out. 


About Me 



"As someone being abused OR who was, YOU have the RIGHT to be away from people (ANYONE) making it worse for you, despite how some may act or what they may say"

John Harrison. B safe 1st always... that is the message.

Samaritans HELPLINE

Samaritans HELPLINE is here 24 / 7

Are you vulnerable? Feeling low?

Then why not call:

UK & ROI: 116 123

PLEASE call or reach out to

that someone... TODAY

NAPAC (click on icon)



For Children: Childline:

Are you a child who

needs to talk to someone?

ChildLine is here for YOU

Call ChildLine on UK 0800 1111

or visit the website.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre below:

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre is dedicated to eradicating the sexual abuse of children.

Part of UK policing about tracking and bringing offenders to account either directly or in partnership with local and international forces.

A list of worldwide Helplines (click on icon):

Links to Befrienders website for a

WORLDWIDE list of Helplines.


Citizens Advice Bureau (UK)

The Citizens Advice Bureau

provide FREE advice in the UK

Visit their website to find out more.



FAILED by the system

CLICK HERE to see more details on

how the system FAILED me and the

campaigning and exposure of this

I have done for over a decade

Queens response to my letter

The "Reaching out" Child Abuse Monument in Canada...


To find out more use this link

My video poem below 'Our Silence'

that will be inside the monument